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Purchasing process

Process description

Shopping online, such as Rakuten, EBAY, Taobao or Korean websites

註冊加入會員或登入會員>>> 商品加入購物車 >>> 完成第一次匯款(商品費用) >>> 採購中 >>> 等待貨品送至倉庫 >>> 完成第二次匯款(商品國內運費和國際運費) >>>  國際配送 >>> 貨品送達


Buy at auction Yahoo

註冊加入會員或登入會員>>> 競標商品 >>> 得標 >>>  完成第一次匯款(商品費用) >>>等待貨品送至倉庫 >>>  完成第二次匯款(商品國內運費和國際運費) >>>  國際配送 >>> 貨品送達


How to buy product on Rakuten.

STEP 1. Find your favorite item.

Click «Rakuten». →②Enter key words of the product in search box. →③ Click «Magnifier».


Or you can find the item by classification or type of the product.


STEP 2. The website will show the result of your inquiry.

You can click the photo to view the description of the product.


Step3.   Add the item to shopping cart.

Select needed product and quantity, and click« Add to cart», then you can continue shopping.


Step4.   Checkout

Go to your cart→① Select needed items. ② Click «Checkout» →③ Confirm quantity ④ and price of the selected items→⑤Select delivery methods. →⑥ Enter information of the recipient. →⑦Select payment options. →⑧ Click «Confirm purchase »


Step5.    Pay
◆ paypal

You can pay with PayPal.

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