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1. ibuy99 will not require customers to provide member information including account number and password via phone or email. If you encounter this situation, please contact our customer service staff as soon as possible, thank you very much!

2. ibuy99 offers a Bundle of 11 packages when you buy from the same seller:
For combined orders, the system usage fee and remittance fee will only be charged once. Bidding service: If you win 2 or more products within 48 hours from the same seller, the products can be combined up to 11 packages. Purchasing service: When buying products from the same seller, such as products of Lotte Mall, can also be combined up to 11 packages. At last, the combine package quantity depends on the agreement or request of the buyer.

3. If the seller has no inventory after you place the order, the system will automatically cancel the transaction and refund the product cost to your account.

4. During the initial operation of ibuy99, all products will be transported by air. The delivery time will be depended on your location. We will gradually speed up the delivery.

5. Check your order as soon as you receive it (quantity, model, etc ...). If you have any questions about shipping, take a picture of the product and contact our customer service within a maximum period of three days. We cannot provide support services after the deadline.

6. Do not buy or add to your cart prohibited items or items that cannot be transported by international transport. For prohibited items, see the description of [Prohibited Items].

ibuy99 reserves the right to decide whether to provide requested services

7. ibuy99 is an authorized platform for members to buy and auction overseas, not a seller of goods, so if the following problems occur, please cooperate to resolve determined

(1) In case of loss or dispute of a product that was bought or offered through ibuy99, we can help the members by contacting the buyer, but we do not assume any legal obligation of the seller, such as the guarantee of defective products or refunds, Nor do the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law apply to us.

(2) To maintain the security of online purchases or offers to customers, if you find illegal or infringing products, do not buy or bid on auctions and contact our customer service as soon as possible, thanks for your cooperation.


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