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Prohibited / restricted item

※ATTENTION!!! Please note that items, which could cause security concerns, cannot be delivered by international logistics.

※The listed items down below are examples of prohibited / restricted items. Unclear items, which might be prohibited / restricted product, also cannot be shipped. Therefore, in order to protect your right and interests, if you are not sure of the product, you can ask our customer service before shipping it.

Explosives / Weaponry

Fireworks, firecrackers, firing device, ammunition, fuse…

Compressed Gases

Camping gas, diving tanks, spray, fire extinguisher, helium cylinder, portable oxygen tank, automotive suspension system…

Flammable Liquids

Nail polish, perfume, Lighter fluid, hair tonic, alcohol, paint, thinner, adhesive, polish lacquer, Tempo Drop…

Oxidizing substances

Oxygen generating machine, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, Hair dye products.

Radioactive Material

Uranium, plutonium, cesium, plutonium, nuclear waste…


Liquid battery, mercury.


Food, medicines, medicated or alcoholic cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, magnets, engines, dry ice, refrigerants, asbestos, drugs, obscene items, deodorants, lotteries, air gun, toy model gun, art knife, livestock and pet feed, plants (soil, potted plants, seeds), fertilizers, animals, rare animal skins/fur, items restricted under the Washington Treaty, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), gold and gold products, diamonds and other precious stones (whether processed, or not), pearl, counterfeit currency, stamps, personal documents, important national property, important cultural heritage and fine arts, pirated discs, item without clear place of production, credit cards, securities tickets (tickets of amusement park, transportation tickets, etc.), air tickets, mosquito hanging patch, anti-mosquito machine.

P.S. Buyer must provide relevant document, which is required by the customs for products containing liquids (full ingredient list of the product and MSDS). If the product cannot pass the customs, buyer must be responsible for the relevant costs. (storage fees, shipping fee, etc.)

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