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Privacy protection policy

I. Privacy Protection Policy
ibuy99 (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) has established a privacy protection policy in order to maintain the privacy of members and comply with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law". You can refer to the contents of the following privacy protection policy to find the company's storage and use of member-related information. When you use our system, you are deemed to have agreed to this privacy policy.

1. Data collection

When a member registers an account, browses the web or participates in website activities, the company will collect the basic personal information of the member. The company may also obtain personal data from other partners. When you are registering, you need to provide your name, ID number, date of birth, gender, phone number, and email address. When the registration is successful and you log in to use our services, our servers will record related browsing behaviors, including the IP address of your connected device, time of use, browser used, browsing and clicking data records, etc.

2. Data management

The personal data obtained on the company's website is only for use within the company and in accordance with the stated purpose and scope of use. Unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws, the company will not provide the data to a third person or transfer it to other parties for any purpose. The purpose of the application is illustrated as follows:

    A. When you are using various services provided by the company as a member, the member information is automatically displayed on the page.

    B. Transactions provided by this website: When you make reservations, bids, purchases, participate in rewards and other activities or engage in other transactions, you will provide related services such as product distribution, price payment and other necessary services for the exchange.

    C. Reply to customer's inquiries: respond to the customer's inquiries of this website via email, telephone, etc.

    D. Financial transactions and authorizations: Financial-related information provided by consumers will be submitted to financial institutions during financial transaction processes (including credit card authorizations and transfers) to complete financial transactions.

    E. Marketing: The company will use the consumer's address, mail, and phone number to promote the marketing of the company's or partner's products.

    F. Information for individual service providers
    In all transactions conducted via ibuy99 platform including auction (bidding, payment, collection) and purchasing of foreign products, member’s personal data will be collected. These data files will be transfer to foreign merchants within the necessary scope to complete the transaction. The foreign merchants are responsible for managing these profiles, they also commit to process personal data in accordance with the principle of protecting the privacy of members. However, there is no guarantee that foreign businesses will completely comply the commitment.  For more details, please contact the service providers!

    G. Other
    When providing individual services, personal data may be used for purposes other than those specified above. At this point, the gist of the individual service will be stated.

3. Share data
The company will never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal data to the third party. Only in the following cases:

A. Sharing the information with the member agreement

B. For buyers and sellers who have confirmed a transaction as valid, our customer service staff can provide contact information to complete the transaction at the request of either party.

C. The company authorized by you to provide the products or services you requested.
D. When the data is required from the company for judicial purposes, it may provide specific personal data of the members due to public safety, the company will consider the legal and formal procedures required by the company and will cooperate with the users of the company always considering their security.
E. When there is a violation of the policies, rules, rights, intellectual property rights or security of any company or other members of the company.

4. Data security
In order to protect the privacy and security of members, the company's member account information will be protected with a password. The company also makes every effort to ensure the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.

5. Cookies
In order to facilitate the use of members, our website uses cookie technology to provide the services required by members; cookie is a technology used by website servers to communicate with member browsers, which may store strings randomly on members' computers, used to identify different users. If members turn off cookies, it may lead to failure to log in to the website or the use of payment services.

6. Self-protection measures
Members should keep their login & transaction passwords and personal information confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially login & transaction passwords to anyone. If you have finished using our system, please remember to log out of your account.

7. Amendment of privacy protection policy
Due to the market changes, we will revise the website policy at any time. If members have any questions about the privacy protection policy of the website or any matters related to personal data, please contact our customer service center by email or phone call.

II. Computer processing of personal data files security maintenance plan
In order to ensure the security of personal data files, our company designated a staff to handle personal data file security maintenance plan as follows:

1. Data security

    A. The personal data file is built on the database, the scope of use and use rights shall be determined "member login method", "login password", "transaction password", the login password shall be kept secret and shall not be shared with others.

    B. Personal data files are stored on a personal computer, the data holding unit shall set the power-on password, screen saver password, and related security measures on the personal computer.

    C. No personal data files be used without permission.

    D. After using the service, close the service and do not leave your personal data visible on your computer.

    E. The login password used by individuals should be kept secret, and the password must be changed after a period of time to prevent others from stealing and using it.

    F. If customers inquire about their personal information by phone, customer service staff must verify the information before replying to relevant information in order to protect the rights and interests of customers.

    G. When collecting, processing and using personal data via the Internet, the necessary precautionary and protective measures must be taken beforehand in advance to detect and prevent computer viruses and other malicious software to ensure the normal operation of the system.

1. Data audit

    A. When processing personal data with a computer, check whether the input, output, editing or correction of the personal data is consistent with the original file.

    B. When providing and using personal data, check whether it is consistent with the file data. If in doubt, check the original file for checking.

    C. A regular audit system shall be established and audit data shall be kept.

2. Equipment management

    A. The relevant computer equipment for the establishment of personal data shall be regularly maintained by the data holding unit.

    B. Computer equipment must not be moved arbitrarily unless necessary.

    C. The personal computer on which personal information is built shall not be used directly as a front-end tool for public inquiry.

    D. Make sure to delete personal data stored in related computer hardware that is discarded or resold.

4. Other safety maintenance matters

    A. Personnel who use personal computers to process personal data files should transfer their storage media and related data lists when their duties change, and the receiving personnel should set a separate password to facilitate management.

    B. After the employee leaves the company, the passwords that the former employee has contacted must be cancelled and adjusted appropriately.
    C. Comply with relevant regulations on general computer security maintenance.

III. Personal data collection consent

Personal information will be used when applying for ibuy99 members and related payment flow system services. In order to ensure the protection of personal information, privacy and rights and interests, Sincerely agree to the following matters in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:

1. Purpose and Method of Collection

The purpose of the company's collection is to review member applications and eligibility to use relevant payment flow system services. Collection methods Personal information is collected through information provided by members.

2. Types of collected data

Among the user provided information, the information collected includes:

    A. Individuals identifiers: names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.

    B. Financial identifiers: Numbers and names of financial institution accounts, etc.

    C. Government data identifiers: Identity card number or passport number (foreigner) information, etc.

3. Period of use, area, target and method

Period: During the operation of the company.

Region: Taiwan.

Objects and methods: Examine members' application and eligibility for using related payment flow system services.

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