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Article 1 Recognition and acceptance clause
1. Terms of service apply to all buying and auction (collection & payment) services provided by ibuy99 platform (http://vn.ibuy99.com/, hereinafter referred to as “this service”). When the member uses ibuy99 service, it means that the member has read, understood and agreed to accept the terms of this agreement. However, ibuy99 has the right to modify or change the terms, so members are advised to pay attention to the amendments or changes in this agreement at any time, and the information on the website shall prevail.

2. If a member continues to use ibuy99 after we have modified the terms of this agreement, the member is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept it; if the member does not agree, please stop using ibuy99. If the member is under the age of 18, in addition to complying with the above relevant requirements, the agreement must be read, understood and agreed upon by the member's parent (legal representative or guardian).

3. ibuy99 has the right to modify or delete the information or suggestions provided by this service at any time. Before making any related plans or decisions, members are advised to consult the professionals of ibuy99, in order to provide opinions on the membership to meet their individual needs.

Article 2 Links to Third Party Websites
1. ibuy99 is a service that provides online purchasing (collection and payment) services to facilitate members' shopping convenience. Members may browse or link to some websites ran by other operators, but these websites are not related to ibuy99 and are not under the responsibility of ibuy99. We do not guarantee the suitability, dependability, immediacy, validity, correctness and completeness of the search results. When members use the service or other information, software or suggestions obtained through ibuy99 linked to other websites, they also do not bear any warranty responsibility. Before downloading, members should consider and judge the suitability, validity, correctness, integrity and integrity of the aforementioned software or data, and whether they infringe on the rights of others, so as not to suffer losses (such as causing damage to members' computer systems or loss of stored data) Ibuy99 does not assume any liability for such losses.

Article 3 Protection of privacy and the obligation to register, preserve and notify
In order to use this service, members agree to the following:

1. Related information registered by members on the ibuy99 platform (hereinafter referred to as "member information") will be used and protected by ibuy99. Members agree that ibuy99 may collect member's basic information including member name, identity card number, contact and payment information. Member information is collected, processed, used or transmitted internationally for the purpose of providing services. Members also agree that for the purpose of providing services, ibuy99 may provide information to partners, independent contractors that are cooperating with ibuy99 or our company affiliates. In addition, ibuy99 may not disclose your name, address, email address and other personal data protected in accordance with the law without the consent of members.

2. Members register or update personal information to ensure accuracy, completeness and updated. If members provide false information, ibuy99 has the right to suspend or cancel the member's account and refuse members to use all or part of this service.

Article 4 Protection of children and teenager
Members promise not to use ibuy99 for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner, to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the United States and all international practices of using internet. If the member is a user outside the United States, then agrees to abide by the laws of their country or region. Members also agree and guarantee that they will not use this service to engage in infringement of other people's rights or illegal activities, including but not limited to:

1. Publicize or transmit any defamation, abusive, threatening, insulting, indecent, obscene, untrue, violation of public order or documents, images or any Other illegal forms on ibuy99.

2. Infringing on others' reputation, privacy, business secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, other intellectual property rights and other rights.

3. Violating rules that are protected by law or constitution.

4. Use this service with the name of another person.

5. Transmission or distribution of computer viruses.

6. Engaging in illegal trading activities or posting false, untrue, or criminal information.

7. Trading in weapons, drugs, illegal drugs, pirated software or other prohibited items according to the United States law.

8. Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling in any way.

9. Spamming advertising mail.

10. Other conducts that were justified by ibuy99 as inappropriate.

Article 5 System interruption or failure

I. Unexpected phenomena such as interruption or failure may occur during using this service, which may cause inconvenience to members, failure to purchase goods, loss of authorized purchase data, or other economic losses. We will do our best efforts to assist members in recovering data or finding new products, but we will not be responsible for any financial losses. Members are advised to take precautionary measures when using this service. If the information is falsified due to a member's computer security breach, ibuy99 will only provide data to the police, not responsible for damage when a member uses (or cannot use) this service.

II. In any of the following cases, ibuy99 reserves the right to suspend, change, discontinue or terminate all or part of the service without liability for compensation:

(1)Remove, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair software and hardware devices related to ibuy99 service.

(2)Member violates any government regulations or terms of this agreement.

(3)Natural disaster or other force majeure.

(4)Incidents not beyond the control of ibuy99 that cause the information displayed in this service to be inaccurate, fake, deleted, retrieved, or interrupted or not functioning properly.

(5)Other causes cannot be attributed to ibuy99.

Article 6 General measures for use and storage

Members agree that ibuy99 may establish general measures and restrictions on this service as well as changing them at any time. We will endeavor to retain e-mail messages, notification content or other uploaded content. If ibuy99 deletes or does not store any messages, communications or content on this platform, ibuy99 will not be held liable. If the account has not been used for a long time, ibuy99 reserves the right to cancel it.

Article 7 Advertisement or promotion plan

The advertisement content, text and picture descriptions, display samples or other sales information on other websites are designed and proposed by their advertiser and product provider. You should make your own judgments about the correctness and credibility of advertisements. We only serve you by purchasing and auctioning, then we do not assume any guarantee for the products.

Article 8 Dealing or other transaction
ibuy99 is a website that provides purchasing services. When each member finds their favorite product and do the transaction with ibuy99, that means they accept the purchasing agreement of ibuy99. If a member does not transact via ibuy99 but directly contacts the manufacturers, the sale or contract exists only between the member and the manufacturers. If any dispute arises, both parties must resolve it themselves. If the transaction is conducted through ibuy99, ibuy99 will make every effort to fight for the rights and interests of the customer. ibuy99 does not interfere with any individual transactions between members and manufacturers except providing product specifications or other certification issues requiring advice. Therefore, ibuy99 does not assume any guarantee liability for other goods or services that members trade on their own.

Article 9 Important matters
1. Products that members order by themselves via the internet or foreign websites are not products that ibuy99 produces or imports and sells to members.

2. ibuy99 is a purchasing service provider. For members who use this service, ibuy99 only charges the service fee when purchasing products authorized by members. To find out the system usage fee, please refer to the cost description. ibuy99 will open the invoice of purchasing service fee after the order is completed.

3. For the international shipping part, because it depends on the international courier service that the member chooses, it maybe not necessarily taxable, so there is no tax refund certificate. If members want to obtain a certificate of import tax reimbursement, they need to declare imports by other customs clearance methods. Except for the payment of business taxes on the total value of goods, there are fees for import documents and other costs. If necessary, members should notify ibuy99 in advance.

4. ibuy99 is a company that buys and pays on behalf of customers, profits only come from service charge. Ibuy99 is not a buyer or owner of goods. So that, when ordering products in any country, the name registered at ibuy99 is used to place orders and send imported goods under tax law. Therefore, members must fill in complete and accurate information to protect their own interests. (If using another person's name to import, the goods may be returned to the exporting country or confiscated.)

5. The member has goods which not been picked up within the time limit:

*** Member's purchased (or auctioned) products (including self-collection and home delivery) charged after arriving in their local country. If you have not picked up your goods in more than 14 days, ibuy99 will begin charging products storage for the next day. Each item will be charged separately 1 US Dollar per day until the day the customer picks up the item. If you have not picked up your goods in more than 60 days, ibuy99 will assume that member agrees to cancel all products without any notification. We are not responsible for hosting and we have the right to handle the product. Members may not claim damages related thereafter.

6. In order to protect the rights and obligations of consumers, the above descriptions are the obligations of ibuy99. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ibuy99 then our professionals provide you with instructions. If you still have concerns, you can find another channel to deal with it. It is ibuy99 reserves the right to accept or reject member authorization.

Article 10 Exclusions
Members understand and agree: ibuy99 provides services to each member with different purposes and standards, with no express or implied warranties provided for this service, including but not limited to limitations on commercial suitability, applicability for specific purposes and non-infringement on the rights of others. In addition, ibuy99 does not guarantee the following:

(1) This service will meet all the needs of members.

(2) This service is uninterrupted, timely provided, safe and reliable or free from errors.

(3) Any product, service, information or other material purchased or acquired by members through this service will meet the members' expectations. Whether or not to download any data through this service is at the member's own discretion and at their own risk. Members are solely responsible for any damage or loss of data of the member computer system due to the download of any material. The proposals and information members have obtained through ibuy99 or this service, whether written or oral, do not constitute a guarantee for this service.

(4) Member information is necessary information when making import declarations. When filling in the information, please do not fill in perfunctorily to avoid unnecessary losses.

Article 11  Denial or Termination of Service
Members agree that based on our individual considerations, we reserve the right to restrict usage to members. When it is deemed that members have violated the clear provisions of these Terms of Service, ibuy99 will terminate the right to cancel the password, account (or other parts), or the entire service of member. At the same time delete the membership information and other related information.
ibuy99 may also terminate the Service or any part at any time with or without notice based on separate considerations. Members agree that all provisions of this terms of service will be conducted without prior notice. Members acknowledge and agree that ibuy99 may immediately close or delete a member's account as well as all relevant information and files in the member account and stop providing the service. In addition, the member agrees that if the use of the service is terminated, ibuy99 will not be responsible to the member or any third party.

Article 12 Damages
Our affiliates, employees, trustees, agents and other related assistants has suffered damage or loss due to the member's violation of relevant laws or any provision of this agreement. (Including but not limited to attorneys and related litigation costs incurred in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings), members are responsible for compensation.

Article 13 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The interpretation, supplementation and application of the terms of this agreement are based on the relevant laws of The United States. When all or part of any provision of this member agreement is void, it does not affect the validity of other agreements.

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